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How it All Started
Perfect Wave was started in 2016, when a group
of surfers consisting of travelers, extreme parachute jumpers and engineers from Ukraine decided to join their efforts and create a moving platform with artificial water flow.

We desired to spread the idea of surfing to public
and provide people with an opportunity to surf all year round, especially at the time when it is difficult
to get to the ocean.
Kharkiv, central park. This event attracted great attention of people – the schedule was full for 4 days
Over several days of Perfect Wave presentation we attracted attention of hundreds of positive and active people living in Kharkiv city.
Surfing atmosphere of Hawaii in the 60-ies of the twenties century was inspiring in spite of the cool weather of the end of September.
Each new surfer had an opportunity to get
a brief training with a surfing instructor in
a group of three other new surfers. All surf riders were delighted — they scheduled future visits for the next days and invited to the presentation their friends and relatives.
Besides, park visitors passing nearby
took interest in this new interesting
format of active recreation in the city.
TECHNICAL characteristics and benefits
Self-supporting construction that can be installed in a trading center, hotel, park, beach or cruise liner
Complete mobility
Mounting for only 24 hours
Transfer to the new location
takes about two days
German Power Unit of High Capacity for Industrial Use
Ensures constant supply of ideal water flow.
The power unit was tailor-made based on the requirements and according to specifications provided by Perfect Wave engineers.
Always Clean Water
Up-to-date filters, pumps, pipes, fittings, valves, electrical control panel, filtration system, automatic dosing system and UV protection.
All this enables preventing water blooming, microbes and coronavirus penetration.
High Safety Level
Metal carcass is covered with soft shock absorbing material.
It is practically impossible to be injured here while surfing, because anyone who falls. gets on a soft surface that resembles a large sofa.
Complete Assembly during 24 Hours
The construction is simple, mobile and reliable, like IKEA.
Each section can be transported in a standard semi-trailer.
It is possible to change locations easily and quickly during a year.
Wear-resistant Materials
It is a mandatory requirement to ensure long-term and efficient operation.
The covering material, although it is exposed to water and sunlight, can be used for 2-3 seasons without the compromise of appearance.
Two Surf Riders Can Practice Simultaneously
It is enabled by the modular construction.
The more visitors and fans, the higher the cash flow.
Fast Start/Stop
It is easy and convenient to operate the unit – the same button is used for start and stop.
Two Types of Surfing
Surf riders can choose one of two board types: flowboard и bodyboard. Surfing is possible in several positions: standing, sitting or lying.
This will allow people of different age, condition and with different skills to practice surfing.
Easy start for new surfers and training for the experienced ones.
Dimensions and Technical Characteristics
Empty Weight
Volume of the tank
Power input
6,6м х 13м х 4,5м
20 tons
34 м3
80 kW
Potential Locations
Готелі та курорти
Окреме місце
Міське середовище
Youth and Beauty
Surfing is one of the most popular types of sports and active recreation.
Perfect Wave creates demand based on the natural desire of anyone to be healthy, young
and beautiful.
This type of activity has great potential on the market of Ukraine.
Passive Demand
Perfect Wave is not only surfboarding. We care about active way of life for the people of any age, income and physical condition.
Children can practice children surfing, trampoline jumping, participate in foam parties and birthday parties arranged in a joyful way.
The bar, delicious and useful food, merchandise, master-classes and corporate events will allow us to attract new groups of clients and increase business income.
Sports and Fun
Surfing using artificial wave is
an easy point to enter surf culture.
Based on our experience, it is enough to try once to become a loyal fan of surfing.
There are no limits of surfing skills development. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to strengthen body and spirit, stay together with the family or colleagues and get ready for a travel to Bali, Sri-Lanka or Portugal.
Cool and Healthy
Trend for healthy life style is constantly strengthening.
Bright photos of the visitors practicing surfing placed in Instagram reflect people's way of life and inclination to physical activity.
Of course, such content often becomes viral and that is an additional point of loyalty to surfing.
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